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Not-Quite-Williams-Sonoma Hamburger Buns

July 2011

Bread Baking Babes: July 2011 - Hamburger Buns

The recipe for these hamburger buns was based on a recipe published by Williams-Sonoma. The recipe called for an insane amount of butter, sugar and white flour only. I added some whole wheat flour and only a quarter of the sugar called for; still the buns were quite sweet. They were delicious though!

Hamburger Buns baked on the barbecue (June 2011)

We decided to divide the dough in half and make one loaf and turn the rest into buns. Initially, I was going to make 6 buns and one loaf. But because someone was really worried that the buns would be too small, I switched my plan and shaped the dough into 3 buns and one loaf of bread. We baked them all on the pizza stone in the barbecue. Here they are half baked. (Note that each bun has its own piece of parchment paper underneath. This makes it easier to turn the bread around to account for uneven heat. There are LOTS of hot spots in our barbecue.)

Hamburger Buns baked on the barbecue (June 2011)

In virtually no time at all, the baking was finished.

Hamburger Buns baked on the barbecue (June 2011)

We served the hamburgers fully dressed (grilled peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, dill pickles, onion, cheddar cheese), with sides of pickled beets, oven-fried potatoes with mustard mayonnaise and a half avocado. Dinner (as usual) was delicious.

Hamburger Buns baked on the barbecue (June 2011)

Hamburger Buns baked on the barbecue (June 2011)

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Not-Quite-Williams-Sonoma Hamburger Buns (BBB July 2011) <<- recipe included in link along with method for baking on BBQ

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Bread Baking Babes: July 2011 - Hamburger BunsHamburger Bun (BBB July 2011)

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