Hamhock Bean Soup

March 2012

soup - March 2012

Making stock with a hamhock is ridiculously easy. We simply put the hamhock into a pot with water, carrot, onion, cloves, peppercorns and bay leaves, brought it to a boil, then immediately turned the heat down to simmer. We also presoaked some white beans to cook separately (beans cooked in salted water will NOT soften).

hamhock - March 2012beans - March 2012
soup - March 2012

Half-way through simmering the hamhock, onion, carrot and the skin were removed. The skinless hock returned to the stock to be simmered more to allow the meat to get really tender. We were surprised at how much fat there wasn't!

hamhock - March 2012hamhock - March 2012
soup - March 2012

Once the meat was falling off the bone, the hamhock was stripped, rendering beautiful tender pieces of ham.

ham - March 2012

The finished stock was rich and flavourful.

stock - March 2012

The beans were cooked in a separate pot until tender then mixed into some of the stock to make this brilliant white bean soup. Swedish rye bread was the perfect accompaniment.

soup - March 2012

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hamhock bean soup

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