beets: cake (aka fritters) . cake with cream cheese icing . chips . ice cream . pickled . salad with onion . salad with horseradish . stir-fried greens . with capers . with turnip, fennel and mustard seeds

Beet Chips with Spiced Dip

beet chips and spiced dip (5 Feb 2006)

Preparing the beet chips: mandolined and oiled; baked

beets sliced and oiled arranged on pan (5 Feb 2006) beet chips baked (5 Feb 2006)

to blog from OUR kitchen - Beet Chips and Spiced Dip

close up of mandolined beets - blurred because I still can't stop shaking the camera (this is the best one... you should have seen the OTHER shots!!) - Feb2006

close up of mandolined beets (5 Feb 2006)

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