beets: cake (aka fritters) . cake with cream cheese icing . chips . ice cream . pickled . salad . stir-fried greens . with capers . with turnip, fennel and mustard seeds

beet cake with cream cheese icing

September 2009

Because I love beet tops so much, we had a LOT of beets in the fridge. I had a hankering for carrot cake but no carrots (too many beets taking up all the room). So I replaced the carrots with beets to make the most wonderful cake! (...not to be confused with beet cakes, aka fritters)

beet cake - September 2009

Remarkably, beet cake is NOT coloured red. It looks more like a dark gingerbread. The cake tastes pretty much like carrot cake. A little darker in flavour, perhaps. Darker or not, it's delicious.

beet cake - September 2009

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