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Beet Cakes

September 2012

We cannot stop making corn cakes!! We just made them again a couple of nights ago. Except we didn't have any corn. So we used beets and made beet cakes (not to be confused with beet cake).

beet cakes - September 2012

The egg for the beet cakes is separated and the yolk whisked into the beet mixture along with some flour. The eggwhite is then whipped into stiff peaks. Of course, we used our copper bowl. The eggwhites are then folded into the beet mixture. (Please see more photos of whisking eggwhites.) And finally, a cast-iron pan is heated, oil added and the mixture is spooned into the hot oil to fry the cakes until they are golden on both sides.

beet cakes - September 2012beet cakes - September 2012
beet cakes - September 2012

The beet cakes were delicious with roasted rosemary chicken, beet greens with pears and oven-roasted potatoes with sage. Straw coloured nasturtium flowers were a beautiful touch. But the cakes were a little bit dense.

beet cakes - September 2012

Closer view of stir-fried beet greens, pears and peppers. (please see more photos of beet greens)

beet cakes - September 2012

The next night we had beet cakes, we added a bit of yoghurt and water to the mixture. They were light and airy and even more delicious than the time before. We served them with roasted chicken and a sherry reduction garnished with radish, fennel and nigella sprouts, steamed green beans, oven-roasted potatoes with rosemary and a little parsley.

beet cakes - September 2012

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