beets: cake (aka fritters) . cake with cream cheese icing . chips . ice cream . pickled . salad with onion . salad with horseradish . stir-fried greens . with capers . with turnip, fennel and mustard seeds

Beet Greens

August 2010

mjdarra (August 2010)

Stir-fried beet tops are great with Mjdarra with caramelized onions and garnished with parsley, grilled eggplant, beet salad, pita and fuhl.

mjdarra (August 2010)

September 2011: Roasted chicken thighs, zucchini fritters, stir-fried beet greens, oven-roasted fennel (Please look at more photos of this dinner.)

bounty (September 2011)

Close up of stir-fried beet greens

beet tops (September 2011)

September 2012 beet greens stir-fried with pears and peppers.

beet cakes - September 2012

blog from OUR kitchen:
mmmm... beet tops!
Soon to be Pretzelless Again (BBB September 2011)
corn cakes can't be beat ...or can they? << includes recipe for savoury beet cakes

recipes from OUR kitchen: Pita ~ Fuhl ~ Beet Salad ~ Beet Tops ~ Mjdarra

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