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Beet Salad

December 2007: Salad made with grated beet, carrot and apple dressed with cider vinegar, cloves, parsley and a tiny bit of olive oil

Beet Salad © ejm December 2007

January 2010: Our beet salad is always slightly different. The only constant is beets, onions and cider vinegar. Sometimes we add carrots, apples and/or pears if we have them. Sometimes we throw in a little clove or garlic. Thompson raisins are a very nice addition as well. Beet salad is great with Indian food.

Beet Salad © ejm January 2010

April 2009: Beet salad is also wonderful with Western Food. Here it is on our Easter table to be served with ham and scalloped potatoes.

Beet Salad © ejm April 2009

January 2010: Beet salad is equally good with Middle Eastern food. Here it is with fuhl.

Beet Salad © ejm January 2010

March 2012: Beet salad is an excellent substitute for coleslaw in a faux Reuben sandwich.

Beet Salad © ejm April 2012

April 2012: This beet salad is also terrific as a garnish for romaine lettuce drizzled with a simple vinaigrette. This time, in the beet salad, we replaced the apples with some Thompson raisins.

Beet and Romaine Salad © ejm April 2012

Closer view of beet salad as a garnish for Romaine lettuce drizzled with a simple vinaigrette.

Beet and Romaine Salad © ejm April 2012

July 2012: Beet salad is really good as a garnish for coleslaw made with red cabbage. It adds to the festive colours of red rice, grilled pork and yellow zucchini coins.

cole slaw (July 2012)

Beets and Horseradish

March 2013

The combination of beets and horseradish is a common one to serve for Passover. It's a wonder that it isn't equally common for the Easter table. It's delicious!

hazeret(March 2013)

The salad is made with grated raw beet, onion, horseradish, garlic, cider vinegar, lemon juice and apricots.

hazeret(March 2013)

For Passover, hazaret would be put on Matzoh crackers. I used rice crackers, because that's what we had. (Hazaret is also delicious with garlic roast chicken, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.)

hazeret(March 2013)

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