April 2008

Red cabbage raita is great with chole, palak paneer and naan.

raita (April 2008)


April 2008

Felafel with (clockwise) tahini sauce, harissa, goat's cheese sauce, tomato & onion salad, coriander leaf, red cabbage salad and parsley.

Felafel - April 2008

Cole Slaw

July 2012

Along side red rice and grilled pork, we served coleslaw made with red cabbage and garnished with beet salad and yellow zucchini coins.

cole slaw (July 2012)


February 2013

White cabbage may not be as prettily coloured as red cabbage but it is a little more tender and sweeter. It's fabulous sliced thinly and stir-fried with mustard and cumin seeds, blackened chillis, onions, ginger and shredded coconut.

cabbage (February 2013)

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