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Bread Baking Babes: October 2008 - Challah


October 2008

I had fun braiding challah. Here are two six strand versions. One is a six strand round and the other is a four strand round with a six strand braid wrapped around it. (It's probably supposed to be a 4 strand with a 2 strand twist wrapped around it to add up to 6. Or is it supposed to be a 6 strand with a 6 strand wrapped around to add up to twelve???)

challah © ejm October 2008

I think I may have gone slightly astray with the six strand straight braid and somehow managed to turn it into a three strand braid but even so, I think it still looks pretty nice.

challah © ejm October 2008challah © ejm October 2008
challah © ejm October 2008challah © ejm October 2008
challah © ejm October 2008challah © ejm October 2008
challah © ejm October 2008challah © ejm October 2008
challah © ejm October 2008

After braiding, I covered the rounds with plastic and allowed them to rise in the oven with only the light turned on.

challah © ejm October 2008

Just before baking, I brushed the rounds with a mixture of 10%cream and water, baked them for about 10 minutes then brushed them again with the remaining amount of cream/water. The final result was very pleasing. Here is the six strand round.

challah © ejm October 2008

four strand round with a six strand braid wrapped around it

challah © ejm October 2008

The bread was wonderfully soft and flavourful. I've been given a big green light to make these again!

challah © ejm October 2008

challah © ejm October 2008

to blog from OUR kitchen - semi-wild challah: round I go again (BBBwB)
to blog from OUR kitchen - six strand braiding

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Bread Baking Babes: October 2008 - Challahsemi-wild challah (BBB October 2008)

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