Cheese Cookies

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These are spectacular as a predinner snack or with fresh fruit as a dessert.

(I hope you'll get the gist even though these photos are a little blurred - I am still struggling with keeping the camera still. - Feb2006)

The process: Grind crushed cayenne and salt in a pestle and mortar until fine; Grate cheese over softened butter and mix in dry ingredients; wrap mixed dough in waxed paper and refrigerate til firm.

mixed dough wrapped in waxed paper (3 Feb 2006)

Thinly slice chilled dough; place discs on parchment lined cookie sheet; bake til lightly golden.

thinly slice chilled dough (3 Feb 2006) place discs on parchment lined cookie sheet (3 Feb 2006)bake til lightly golden (3 Feb 2006)

Watch carefully. They are easily scorched.

baked cheese cookies (3 Feb 2006)

For Christmas 2006, I tried doubling the recipe to save myself work. Take a look at the result.

For Christmas 2007, I baked cheese cookies on the same day as I baked ginger shortbread.

cheese cookies (December 2007)

Serve the cookies on separate plates to make sure they retain their own delicate flavours. Here are the cheese cookies with some wonderful "Food for the Gods" that Mom sent.

baked cheese cookies (December 2006)
'food for the gods' recipe (December 2006)

For Christmas 2012, I shaped the biscuits into triangles.

Cheese Biscuits

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