palak paneer . making palak paneer . saag made with rapini

Chettinad (a great use for curry leaves)

January 2011

A south Indian curry with curry leaves.

chettinad (January 2011)

We served the chettinad with saag and lots of rice.

chettinad (January 2011)


We used rapini rather than spinach to make the most fabulous saag, aka palak, both of which mean "greens".

saag (January 2011)

Rapini really is fabulous this way. And it's great with chapatis!

chapati January 2015

Chettinad and Saag

blog from OUR kitchen: chettinad and saag <<- link includes recipe for chettinad

recipes from OUR kitchen: Palak Paneer (aka saag paneer)

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