Dahl (lentils)

April 2006 s

dahl - April 2006

May 2013: Dahl is delicious with aloo anardana (potatoes and pomegranate seed).

aloo anardana - May 2013

May 2013: Dahl is also delicious with Persian-style chapli kebabs made with anardana. We like the dahl to be a little more soupy when we serve it with chapli kebabs. We garnished them with coriander leaf and served them with nan-e-Barbari (Persian flatbread), stir-fried cabbage and hot hot hot red chillies.

anardana chapli kebabs - May 2013

June 2013: Brown dahl is my favourite. Here it is served with Persian-style mint kebabs, nan-e-Barbari (Persian flatbread), grilled eggplant, Romaine and cabbage salad garnished with chive flowers and mint leaves.

chapli kebabs - June 2013

recipes from OUR kitchen: dahl

blog from OUR kitchen: aloo posta with green beans ~ chapli kebabs

We are thrilled to have an autographed copy of the wonderful cookbook "Mangoes and Curry Leaves" by Jeffery Alford and Naomi Duguid.

Mangoes and Curry Leaves

May 2013: Our chives are flowering!


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