Indian Potatoes: Aloo Chop . Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower) . Aloo Methi (Fenugreek Greens) . Aloo Paratha . Aloo Posta with Green Beans (White poppy seeds) . with Collard Greens and Ajwain . with Dandelion Greens . in Green Beans Sabzi . Masala Dosa . Samosas filled with Aloo Muttar (Peas)

Dosas: Dahl dosa . Rava dosa

Masala Dosa

Dahl Dosa

September 2010

Masala dosa (dosa made with toor dahl) with two kinds of chutney: coconut and pear.

dosa - September 2010

Potato filling made with peas and cashews

dosa filling - September 2010

Two kinds of chutney: pear and coconut

Pickling and Preserving: Apricot Jam - no added pectin . Grape Jam - no added pectin . Peach Chutney . Peach and Apricot Jams . Pear Chutney . Orange Marmalade . Plum Jam Sauce . Pickled Beets . Pickled Carrots . Stewed Cherries

And just in case it's not hot enough, we like to garnish with a couple of chillies.

chutneys - September 2010

Pear chutney is not really traditional with dosa, but who cares? It's delicious. This chutney was made with pears picked for "Not Far From the Tree", a Toronto organization that includes a residential fruit-picking program to pick fruit (with permission, of course - read more here: www.notfarfromthetree.org) that would otherwise go to waste. (Please take a look at 2011's pear chutney.)

chutney - September 2010

Coconut chutney IS traditional and we think it's essential. We made ours with dried coconut (unsweetened), green chilies and dahl.

chutney - September 2010
chutney - September 2010

It's also traditional to serve sambar with dosa. We were feeling lazy so bought packaged sambar and doctored it by adding a little of the potato filling, some green chillies and some homemade tomato sauce.

sambar - September 2010sambar - September 2010

Rava Dosa

March 2012

Rava dosa (dosa made with semolina flour - aka sooji, suji, rawa, rava) made from a recipe in "Flatbreads and Flavors" by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid and served with potato curry and coconut chutney.

dosa - February 2012

Coconut chutney is delicious!

dosa - February 2012

Cook the potato curry and set it aside to stay warm. We didn't have any cashews on hand so left them out. The potato curry was still delicious.

dosa - February 2012

We used our Magic Bullet™ to whir the ginger and onions for the batter to make it very very smooth. Then following advice from a lovely affable fellow in a YouTube video (youtube.com/watch?v=7FDbSvQ8wGo), we chopped extra onions and ginger for cooking the dosas.

dosa - February 2012dosa - February 2012

Scatter onions and ginger on the hot griddle, then use your fingers to dribble the thin batter over top. Notice that it's just making a mess. Scrape it away and dribble the batter onto the griddle without any chopped onions. Cook until they are golden brown.

dosa - February 2012dosa - February 2012

Serve immediately with plenty of coriander leaf. Try not to be disappointed that your rava dosas aren't as crispy as your dahl dosas.

dosa - February 2012

to blog from OUR kitchen: masala dosa and a reminder about those in need and World Food Day ~ 2 Kinds of Chutney: Pear and Coconut ~ Mmm... pie and pear chutney.... ~ Rava Dosa and Coconut Chutney (BTFF)

We were using a library copy of "Flatbreads and Flavors" by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford. We were so amazed by the book that we ordered our own copy. How thrilling it was that it arrived a week or so ago, on the day the library copy was due!

Flatbreads and Flavors - February 2012

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