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Our Favourite Pasta

Spaghettini with blackened chillies, rapini, sausage. This is equally good made with broccoli and ham instead of rapini and sausage. Sometimes, if we're feeling extravagant, we garnish with grated parmesan.

our favourite © ejm February 2010

Our Second Favourite Pasta

This pasta with bacon, potatoes and provolone is based on Lidia Bastianich's recipe for Ditalini with Potatoes and Provola. Even though ditalini (thimbles) would have been fun, we decided to use the rotini we had on hand.

our favourite © ejm February 2012

our favourite © ejm February 2012

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We're not the only ones who like green beans. This creature (we thought he was a cat when we got him) loves green beans and devours them every chance he gets!

Green Beans - December 2012

Green Beans - December 2012

favourite pasta . second favourite pasta

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