Food For the Gods

December 2007

Christmas Cookies: Cheese Cookies . Coloured Sugar Cookies . Cherry Snowballs . Food for the Gods . Shortbread . Ginger Cookies . Ginger Shortbread

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Mom sent the recipe for these cookies last year. She's right; they're very easy to make. And delicious too!

food for the gods (December 2007)

Even though they are made with Graham cracker crumbs, dates and nuts, every time I taste them, I think there are chocolate chips in them!

food for the gods (December 2007)

December 2006: The small dish contains "Food for the Gods" that Mom sent. The small dish is surrounded by cheese cookies. (Please see more photos of cheese cookies) Serve cookies on separate plates to make sure they retain their own delicate flavours.

baked cheese cookies (December 2006)

to blog from OUR kitchen - food for the gods (includes recipe)

Mom's recipe card

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'food for the gods' recipe (December 2006)

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