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Bread Baking Babes: October 2011 - Fougasse


from baguette dough . from focaccia dough . grape . olive . poppy seed

July 2011

When I first read about fougasse, I thought it must be virtually the same as focaccia. Indeed, I used our focaccia recipe to make this fougasse. Amazingly, both of us have decreed that fougasse is superior to focaccia. We absolutely adore fougasse!! (Not that there's anything wrong with focaccia!)

fougasse  - July 2011

The great thing about baking the bread on the barbecue is that it gets darker spots. They DON'T taste burned but are beautifully crispy and caramelized.

fougasse  - July 2011

Of course, it can be cut with a knife but we think that fougasse tastes better torn apart.

fougasse  - July 2011fougasse  - July 2011
fougasse  - July 2011

Please take a look at olive, poppy seed and Grape/Blue Cheese/Onion fougasses

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Bread Baking Babes: October 2011 - fougassefougasse (BBB October 2011)fougasse with olive oil and grey seasalt (BBB October 2011)

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