Rice: chura (flattened rice) . fried . paella . Persian . risotto . red (with annatto) . Spanish . wild . with black-eyed peas . with corn . with lentils

Fried Rice

April 2008

We love it when there is lots of leftover rice. Because we can have fried rice with mushrooms, peas, egg and sesame oil for breakfast the next day! It's also nice to add a bit of black bean chili sauce.

fried rice © ejm April 2008

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fried rice © ejm April 2008

Close up of black bean chili sauce

black bean chili sauce © ejm April 2008

fried rice © ejm April 2008

fried rice © ejm April 2008

Chinese-Style Rice With a Goose Egg

April 2013

There was a goose egg included in the baker's dozen of the most beautiful farm eggs we got not long ago. One goose egg yields about the same amount as 3 chicken eggs. First we fried onions, firm tofu, mushrooms and two kinds of peppers. The little red peppers are devilishly hot!! Then we pushed those to the sides and added the whisked goose egg.

goose egg © ejm April 2013goose egg © ejm April 2013 goose egg © ejm April 2013
fried rice © ejm April 2013

Once the egg was done, we stirred in leftover rice from the night before.

fried rice © ejm April 2013

Directly after serving the rice, we drizzled on toasted sesame oil and scattered a few sprouts from our "winter garden" in the dining room. Breakfast was delicious. Of course, it was.

fried rice © ejm April 2013

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