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Blue Grape Pie

August 2010

grape pie - August 2010

We don't usually see these grapes until September. But this summer has been so hot that everything is early and these lovely Ontario blue grapes started appearing at all the fruit stores in early August. The grapes are seedless, sweet yet tart.

grapes - August 2010

Blue grapes are excellent for pie! When baked in a pie, they taste like really good wild blueberries. The biggest advantage is that they are a fraction of the price of blueberries. Two large baskets (enough for several pies) cost $5, which is about the price of one piddling little box of wild blueberries. We decided to make jam out of the grapes we DIDN'T put into the pie. Alas, I unfortunately boiled the mixture for too long and it tastes like raisins instead of grapes. But it's quite excellent baked into bread.

grape pie - August 2010

While ice cream is fine on pie, personally, I think yoghurt that has been drained through a cheesecloth (aka yoghurt cheese, labneh) is even finer. The whey is caught in a bowl and can be used to cook lentils or put into bread dough.

grape pie - August 2010

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