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Jam Tarts

August 2011

Sovereign Coronation grape jam tarts with faux clotted cream (goats cheese, yoghurt and brown sugar)

tarts  - August 2011

Of course, the tarts are good just on their own but they were also delightful with ice wine.

tarts  - August 2011

Too bad about the photo. Clearly, I was anxious to start eating tarts rather than take photos. The bottle is a beautiful blue colour. (I'd take another picture now but it has already been tidied away into the recycling bin.) We have no idea when or where this wine was bottled or what grape was used. We found it when cleaning out my parents' fridge this summer.

tarts  - August 2011

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"Sovereign Coronation" Grapes (seedless)

grapes  - August 2011

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