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Sour Cherry Jelly Salad

December 2007

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Salad based on my Grandmother-in-law's "Traditional Family Christmas Recipe for Bing Cherry salad" - made with red jello, red wine, sour red cherries, pecans and cream cheese.

Jelly Salad © ejm December 2007

Even though the jar might say "pitted cherries", go through each cherry to search for pits. For this batch, I found 5 pits! Float the cherries in the jelly when it is still liquid - OR - wait until it is semi-set before adding cherries along with cream cheese balls and pecan quarters. Refrigerate til firm.

Jelly Salad © ejm December 2007

Jelly Salad © ejm December 2007Jelly Salad © ejm December 2007

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My grandmother-in-law put her jelly salad into a ring mould and put lemon mayonnaise in the center of the ring. I'm too lazy to do that so put the jelly into crystal bowls instead and just omit the mayonnaise (although some people in our family like to put a spoonful of mayonnaise on their jelly salad servings). It may not be quite as impressive as a moulded salad but it's a lot less grief!

Jelly Salad © ejm December 2007

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Table © ejm December 2007Christmas Table © ejm December 2007

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