Aint dat da life?

July 2012

just grilled fish in bbq rack; coriander leaf and flowers from the garden (Please see whole fish in the bbq rack.)

fish - July 2012

asparagus with blackbeans and ginger (Please see more asparagus)

asparagus - July 2012

Mr. Patak's Madras curry paste mixed into coconut milk and laced with whole blackened dried chilis and fresh green chili coins (Please see another South Indian style golden curry.)

curry - July 2012

fish on plate

fish - July 2012

ladelling sauce

fish - July 2012

A beautiful chilled Gewurtztraminer

gewurtz - July 2012

And we headed out to dine in the garden, feasting on grilled fish fillets, South Indian Coconut curry sauce, asparagus, grilled Asian eggplant, okra, perfect rice, radish sprouts. Gewurtztraminer goes wonderfully with Indian spices. (Please see July garden feast)

dinner - July 2012

closer view showing the delicate coriander flowers and leaves garnishing the curry. These were from the garden and the coriander flavour was intensely bright - much more thrilling than store-bought hothouse coriander leaf.

dinner - July 2012

An uninvited guest

raccoon - July 2012

More uninvited guests - there were 5 in all but they moved around so much that it was impossible to get a shot with all of them together.

raccoon - July 2012

They're cute now, aren't they? But... they are wild animals. We decided to go inside for dessert.

raccoon - July 2012

Dessert: faux Black Forest Cake - miracle chocolate cake soaked in Kirsch, ice cream and stewed cherries

cake - July 2012

Cherries: Black Forest Cake . with Brownies . Cherries Jubilee . Jelly Salad . Pie . Snowballs . Stewed . Strudel . with chicken . with Swiss Chard

Gewurtztraminer is also fabulous with cake

gewurtz - July 2012

blog from OUR kitchen: Another perfect finish to another perfect day . bindi (aka ladyfingers, okra) (includes recipe for the okra)

recipes from OUR kitchen: chocolate cakes (Black Forest cake, eggless cake, brownies recipes) ~ Miracle Chocolate Cake ~ stewed cherries ~ asparagus (stir-fried with black bean peanut chili sauce) ~ bindi (Indian-style okra)

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