Kale Chips

We really like kale in bubbly squeak but had never tried making "chips" out of it before. While the photo doesn't really show how crispy the kale gets, it is quite crispy but still a little chewy. The flavour? A little iron-like yet not unpleasant. Quite good really. But whoever it was who said that kale chips can replace potato chips is wrong....

Kale Chips (March 2011)

After tearing it into smallish pieces, we washed and spin-dried the kale well.

Kale (March 2011)

We then put it onto a cookie tray, sprayed it with olive oil and baked it til crispy. The kale shrinks somewhat but not as much as expected. After taking it out of the oven, we sprinkled on a judicious amount of kosher salt.

Kale (March 2011)Kale (March 2011)
Kale Chips (March 2011)

While we liked the kale chips okay, we didn't love them and used the leftovers in a quiche.

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