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Banana Grape

August 2009

During the winter, we discovered the wonders of making yoghurt at home. It was wonderful with granola. Now, in the heat of the summer, yoghurt is perfect for making cooling, refreshing lassis. Peach is my favourite but we didn't have any peaches on one of the hottest days of the summer when it was over 30C outside and 29C in the kitchen, in spite of having the blinds closed against the sun's blast....

lassi - August 2009

To comfort me more, I was shown this photo taken on one of the coldest days this year in January when the outdoor temperature was -20C and the kitchen temperature was 15C. Cold comfort....

frost - January 2009

Hmmm... let's compare the two.

frost - January 2009lassi - August 2009

I think the lassi is much more comforting....

lassi - August 2009

Peach Lassi

August 2009

A peach lassi offers comfort just as well.

lassi - August 2009

Yes, I know. The peach lassi photographs are out of focus. Blame it on the revolting humidity and sweat dripping into my eyes as I aimed the camera....

lassi - August 2009

Strawberry Lassi

June 2010

And it's hot again. How refreshing to have a strawberry lassi made with lots of strawberries, homemade yoghurt, a little powdered ginger and apricot jam for sweetening instead of plain sugar.

lassi - June 2010

Strawberries galore. This is the second batch of strawberries that we bought as soon as strawberries came into season. We had strawberry short cake, strawberry sauce for ice cream, fresh strawberries with granola for breakfast. And strawberry lassis, of course. We've had so many strawberries that we're almost (but not quite) tired of strawberries.

strawberries - June 2010

Bzzzzt!! ding! ding! ding! ding! augghhhh!   It's probably not a good idea to dry this upsidedown on the stovetop. Especially before checking to make sure the element is off. (Please don't ask!) Luckily, the container is still usable.

container - June 2012

Lassis: banana grape . peach . strawberry

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