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Manicotti made with Fresh pasta

April 2010

Manicotti stuffed with spinach and homemade ricotta.

manicotti - April 2010

manicotti - April 2010

Manicotti made with Crepes

January 2013

We heard that in some parts of Italy, manicotti is made by rolling filling into crepes rather than pasta. We had to try it.

manicotti - January 2013

After preparing crepes, spoon some ricotta filling in a line onto one side of the crepe. Gently roll the crepe into a tube and lay it seam side down in the casserole dish. Cover the rolled crepes with a thin layer of tomato sauce. Scatter a judicious amount of mozzarella overtop. If you are using ham, chop it coarsely and fry it briefly in butter before scattering it over the cheese. Scatter chopped spinach over the cheese and it's ready for baking.

manicotti - January 2013manicotti - January 2013
manicotti - January 2013

We LOVED this! It tasted like more.

manicotti - January 2013


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This is the recipe I have been following for more than 20 years, scrawled down after the first time tasting (and loving) manicotti.

manicotti - April 2010

A closer view doesn't make it that much clearer, does it?

manicotti - April 2010

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