mushrooms: oyster mushrooms . grilled for salad . oil-infused . in an omelette . in ravioli . soup . stuffed . with fettucine and Truffle oil

fettucine: Fresh noodles Alfredo . wine . Fiddleheads and Wild Leeks . with chicken and pinenuts . with mushrooms and truffle oil . with poppy seeds . with walnuts

fettucine tossed with sauteed mushrooms and truffle-infused oil

January 2013

white truffle oil © ejm January 2013

White truffle infused Sunflower oil from California (latourangelle.com) makes ordinary mushrooms taste like truffles. The doctored mushrooms are wonderful tossed with fettucine.

white truffle oil © ejm January 2013mushrooms © ejm January 2013

We eat like kings... truffle oiled fettucine, roast chicken and broccoli. The sprouts are from our "garden".

white truffle oil © ejm January 2013

This area in the dining room was intended to be used for housing Bonsais. Alas, I have been less than successful with them. (You don't want to know what beautiful miniature trees I had that I managed to murder.) But not long ago, I suddenly realized that the area was ideal for sprout growing!

garden - January 2013garden - January 2013
garden - January 2013

fettucine tossed with mushrooms

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Growing Herbs and Sprouts

In the summer, I fill a tube bird-feeder with soil (too many feral cats and too many pigeons were attracted to our garden) and put tarragon, lemon thyme, silver thyme and purple sage into the holes.

mustard sprouts - June 2010

I also fill the bottom saucer with soil and use it to grow sprouts. The tray is separated into three sections - on this occasion, I planted radish, arugula and brown mustard seeds. Amazingly, the only seeds that came up immediately were the brown mustard seeds. Amazing because those seeds are from our spice shelves. The other seeds were from packets I purchased at the garden center! Go figure.

mustard sprouts - June 2010mustard sprouts - June 2010
mustard sprouts - June 2010

In the winter, we don't always have snow like this in the back garden but it is too cold for anything to grow. We do what we can indoors with mustard, onion, nigella and/or radish seeds.

garden - December 2012garden - December 2012
garden - January 2013

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