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Swiss Chard: aloo saag . with cherries . with fennel and mustard seeds . in omelette

Swiss Chard Omelette

February 2008

Swiss Chard omelette (February 2008)

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Wash the Swiss chard leaves and chop them coarsely, then leave them soaking in cold water.

Swiss Chard (February 2008)

Sauté ham in a little olive oil.

mushrooms (February 2008)

Add sliced mushrooms, thinly sliced onion and garlic to pan.

mushrooms (February 2008)mushrooms (February 2008)
mushrooms (February 2008)

  • Once the onions were soft, add drained chard to pan and stir the leaves to cover with mushroom mixture.
  • Swiss Chard (February 2008)

    Swiss Chard (February 2008)Swiss Chard (February 2008)

    Whisk eggs with a bit of water, add them to the pan and cook, tilting the pan to cook the eggs evenly.

    Swiss Chard omelette(February 2008)Swiss Chard omelette(February 2008)

    Put thinly sliced cheddar on top.

    Swiss Chard omelette (February 2008)

    Fold omelette in half and continue to cook until the cheese is melted.

    Swiss Chard omelette (February 2008)

    As soon as the cheese is melted, serve the omelette immediately with toast and coffee.

    Swiss Chard omelette (February 2008)

    Closer view...

    Swiss Chard omelette (February 2008)

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    Radish Leaf Omelette

    June 2009

    Radish leaves are wonderful cooked into an omelette and served with toasted Multigrain Bread. They are also very good in place of spinach in "Eggs Fauxrentine".

    Radish Leaf omelette (June 2009)

    mushrooms: oyster mushrooms . grilled for salad . oil-infused . in an omelette . in ravioli . soup . stuffed . with fettucine and Truffle oil

    Mushroom Omelette

    August 2012

    We watched a wonderful YouTube video youtube.com/watch?v=uwjcu6dIiQw of Jacques Pepin making two kinds of omelettes: country-style and classic French. He said, "one is not better than the other. It's just a different technique, a different taste, a different look". Following Pepin's excellent instructions we made this country-style mushroom omelette. (Please see another mushroom omelette made with oil-infused mushrooms.)

    omelette (August 2012)

    We began by frying sliced mushrooms in butter until they were golden.

    mushroom omelette (August 2012)mushroom omelette (August 2012)

    Once the mushrooms were ready, they were removed and set aside. More butter went into the pan to brown. As the butter was melting, the egg was beaten well.

    butter (August 2012)mushroom omelette (August 2012)
    mushroom omelette (August 2012)

    The beaten eggs were poured into melted browned butter.

    mushroom omelette (August 2012)

    We used the tines of a fork to pull the eggs into the centre of the pan.

    mushroom omelette (August 2012)mushroom omelette (August 2012)
    mushroom omelette (August 2012)

    The eggs were then folded in half and the French country-style omelette was ready.

    omelette (August 2012)

    The reserved mushrooms were scattered overtop and the omelette was ready.

    mushroom omelette (August 2012)

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