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Palak Paneer

April 2008

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Palak paneer (aka saag panir, aka spinach & cheese with many and various spellings) is Indian-style spinach with fresh cheese. It is one of my favourite vegetable dishes.

palak paneer (April 2008)

Apparently, it is relatively easy to make paneer but we are lazy and buy it ready made (we like Nanak brand). In preparation for palak paneer, the cheese is sliced, fried in butter (it holds its shape). The middle eastern cheese, Halloumi, also holds its shape when fried.

paneer (April 2008)paneer (April 2008)
paneer (April 2008)

Cube and set aside til ready to be dropped into the spinach just before serving. We generally fry all of the cheese and freeze extra cubes even though one is NOT supposed to freeze cheese (please don't tell the paneer police about our transgressions).

paneer (April 2008)

Two bunches of spinach will make just enough for 4 people. The spinach reduces dramatically when cooked.

spinach(April 2008)

Wash spinach leaves and tender stems, drain in a colander and sprinkle with salt. The salt releases the water from the spinach and "cooks" it in a relatively short time (about 30 minutes).

spinach (April 2008)
spinach (April 2008)paneer (April 2008)
spinach (April 2008)

Squeeze, rinse and squeeze the spinach to take out as much water as possible. This is the same two bunches of spinach as before.

spinach (April 2008)paneer (April 2008)

Cook spices and onions until the onions are caramelized. It's really good if the onions become dark golden brown.

onions (April 2008)

Stir spinach into the onion mixture.

spinach (April 2008)

Put spinach into food processor. Add a good shot of butter and process til puréed.

spinach (April 2008)

Put the puréed spinach into a pan to heat through. Add cheese and keep warm (but not too hot) until it's time to serve.

palak paneer (April 2008)

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Serve palak paneer with naan. Palak paneer is great with chole (chick peas) and red cabbage raita.

chole (April 2008) chole (April 2008)

Garnish with coriander leaves (aka cilantro) if you have them. Palak paneer is also great with butter chicken. Palak paneer and naan are equally delicious with rogan josh and beets and turnip. Pickled onions and carrots are a great palate cleanser. And of course, palak paneer is great with chapatis instead of naan.

Butter Chicken (June 2007)palak paneer (June 2007)

Palak Paneer

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