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July 2010: Some years ago, we were given this fabulous castiron griddle. Usually we use it to make hash brown potatoes. But it's also great for pancakes.

pancakes (July 2010)pancakes (July 2010)
pancakes (July 2010)

Mmmmm, pancakes with butter and honey. And just a little garnish of good smoky ham.... (And speaking of cast iron pans, waffles are good too....)

pancakes (July 2010)

March 2012: We made the most wonderful pancakes made with half all-purpose and half sorghum flours.

pancakes (March 2012)

We finally found a store in Toronto that sells unbleached all-purpose flour (no additives, except the vitamins required by Canadian law) in 10kg bags. We got the sorghum flour (aka jowar) at one of our favourite Indian grocery stores. Sorghum flour is not only a wonderful addition to pancake batter, but it is also very good in bread.

flour (March 2012)flour (March 2012)

The cast-iron griddle really is perfect for cooking pancakes and there was no need to oil the griddle before-hand. Well cared for cast iron really is the ultimate no-stick material. The only disadvantage is that this griddle is a little heavy; uneven heat from the burners below meant that we had to turn it around half way through cooking.

pancakes (March 2012)pancakes (March 2012)
pancakes (March 2012)

Pancakes are delicious with butter and honey.

pancakes (March 2012)

June 2012: We made the most wonderful pancakes made with all-purpose flour laced with a small amount of sorghum flours. He also added the leftover sludge from capturing wild yeast. This resulted in the best pancakes ever. I put goat's cheese, honey and sliced bananas on my pancakes (no photo) and he had his with butter, syrup and perfectly cooked bacon. Don't they look fabulous? Oooh, let's have pancakes again!!

Pancakes © ejm June 2012

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