Homemade Rasgulla

March 2010

For years, we thought that it was very labour-intensive to make Indian sweets and that we had to buy them. Not so. Rasgulla is very easy to make.

rasgulla - March 2010

After heating milk with a little vinegar, it will separate and the milk solids will float to the top. This is then poured into a bowl that is lined with several layers of cheesecloth to allow the whey to drain. (This is actually a photo of ricotta cheese that is made in exactly the same way as paneer (curd).)

ricotta - November 2008

The paneer is further drained and squeezed dry and separated into small pieces to make balls.

rasgulla - March 2010

The balls should be quite small as they will double or triple in size when cooked.

rasgulla - March 2010

Cook the rasgulla in syrup. We add the whey to the syrup (we hate to waste it) so the syrup is not absolutely clear. We think it probably adds flavour as well. Please note that this is not traditional.

rasgulla - March 2010

See how much the rasgulla have swollen.

rasgulla - March 2010

Refrigerate well before serving.

rasgulla - March 2010


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