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Red Pepper Omelette

April 2008

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This omelette is made with onions and leftover red peppers & sausage in spaghettini.

Red Pepper omelette (April 2008)

We made too much red pepper and sausage spaghettini on purpose, just so we could have the omelette above.

Red Pepper spaghettini (April 2008)

Start by sautéing onions. Then toss in spaghettini.

onions (April 2008)spaghettini (April 2008)

Whisk eggs with a fork and pour into pan with onions and spaghettini.

eggs (April 2008)spaghettini (April 2008)
Red Pepper omelette (April 2008)

Flip and finish cooking on other side.

Red Pepper omelette (April 2008)

Pepper Spaghettini Omelette

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Red Pepper omelette (April 2008)

This was a similar omelette made for breakfast on Boxing Day 2007 with yellow instead of red peppers. The taste is just as good but the contrast of the red pepper with the eggs is prettier than with yellow pepper. We added a bit of ham as well....

Yellow Pepper omelette (December 2007)

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