Red Rice

July 2012

This wonderful rice is coloured and flavoured with annatto seed (achiote) and was made using a recipe in the article "Food of the People: Portland's Food Cart Revolution" by Dana Bowen in SAVEUR magazine #148, June/July 2012. www.saveur.com/article/Travels/Portland-Food-Trucks

Red Rice (July 2012)

The recipe includes one for "Guam Chicken" calling for a marinade of cane vinegar (we used white vinegar and added a little sugar), soy sauce, pepper and onion. We marinated pork butt instead of chicken. Here it is just off the grill, resting on a rack placed over a plate to keep the juices in. And the grilled green peppers were a revelation. They actually tasted like green peppers.

pork butt (July 2012)

Hardly any of the juices go onto the board when slicing it if it has rested on a rack placed on a plate. (Very little juices on the plate either)

pork butt (July 2012)

Annatto seed is available in most stores that sell South American or Mexican spices. We not only use it for making red rice, but also when making a South American chicken & rice dish, Arroz con Pollo. Annatto adds a lovely earthy flavour and scent to dishes. It is quite delicate and some people say it doesn't change the flavour at all.

annatto seed (July 2012)

Along side the red rice and grilled pork, we served coleslaw made with red cabbage garnished with beet salad and yellow zucchini coins.

red rice (July 2012)

Red Rice flavoured with ground annatto seed is not only beautiful; it's delicious. Fresh thyme, lemon thyme and oregano were the perfect added touches.

Red Rice (July 2012)

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