Ricotta Leek Pie . Manicotti

Ricotta Leek Pie

November 2008

This ricotta leek pie was baked in a homemade puff pastry (made with butter). The ricotta was homemade too!!

ricotta pie - November 2008

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Use a fork to prick holes in the puff pastry shell before baking.

pastry - November 2008

Partially cook the crust. Even so, the pastry puffs dramatically. Use a fork to gently release some of the air and bake the crust a little longer.

pastry - November 2008pastry - November 2008
pastry - November 2008pastry - November 2008

Ricotta is ridiculously easy to make. All that is required is milk, lemon juice and salt. The resulting ricotta is wonderfully light and fluffy with a lovely fresh flavour; it is markedly different in flavour and texture from commercially produced ricotta. (This is very similar to the way that paneer (curd) is made. If it is drained and squeezed out, can be made into rasgulla. )

ricotta - November 2008

lemons - November 2008

Heat the milk and add lemon juice. It will separate and the milk solids will float to the top.

ricotta - November 2008

ricotta - November 2008

Pour into a bowl that is lined with several layers of cheesecloth to allow the whey to drain.

ricotta - November 2008

One litre of milk produces about a cup (250ml) of ricotta and roughly 750ml of whey. The whey can be used to make dahl. Half the people in our household like to drink the whey and claim that it tastes wonderfully refreshing. (Not this half....)

whey - November 2008ricotta - November 2008

Add the ricotta to the egg/caramelized leeks/gouda mixture for the pie filling. Pour the filling into the par-baked shell and bake til eggs are set.

ricotta pie - November 2008

Beets & Capers and Eggplant & Basil Sidedishes

beets: cake (aka fritters) . cake with cream cheese icing . chips . ice cream . pickled . salad with onion . salad with horseradish . stir-fried greens . with capers . with turnip, fennel and mustard seeds

Beets with onions and capers

beets - November 2008

The beets were sliced then sauteed with onions. Capers were added just at the end.

beets - November 2008

Don't let the fact that this eggplant and basil looks like dog's breakfast fool you. It was delicious!

eggplant - November 2008

This pie is made with homemade ricotta, leeks, gouda in a puff pastry crust. It was delicious flanked with beets, onions and capers and eggplant with basil. The final touch of parsley and a glass of red wine finished the flavours perfectly.

ricotta pie - November 2008

Ricotta Leek Pie with Beets & Capers and Eggplant & Basil sidedishes

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