Rogan Josh(ish)

February/March 2008
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This curry was made with pork instead of goat or lamb.

rogan josh(ish) © ejm February 2008

Three of the key ingredients in rogan josh are bay leaf, whole black cardamom pods and green cardamom seeds.

cardamom © ejm February 2008

Closer view of bay leaves and two kinds of cardamom

bay and cardamom © ejm February 2008

And not surprisingly, chili is another key ingredient. Whole dried cayenne chilis are soaked in hot water then puréed.

chilis © ejm February 2008

We served the rogan josh with Swiss chard and naan

rogan josh(ish) © ejm February 2008

We loved rogan josh so much that we made it again a couple of days later and served it with beets & turnip with fennel seeds, spinach, pickled carrots, and naan with coriander leaf as a garnish.

rogan josh(ish) © ejm March 2008

rogan josh(ish) bread © ejm February 2008

Rogan Josh(ish)

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