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Burnt Whisker Forge lame - photo by etherwork2, on Flickr

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Lames: scissors . serrated steak knife . sharp paring knife . Burnt Whisker Forge handle . home-made handle using vintage Silver Vanity Set nail cleaner


July 2015

Ken Forkish Harvest Bread with Poolish This is the result of the first try at scoring using a lame with a really well balanced handle that fits perfectly into the hand. (Please see more photos of Ken Forkish's Harvest Bread with Poolish)

boule © ejm July 2015

Of course, we love our homemade lame handle. But this handle made by Lance Ziegler of Burnt Whisker Forge (burntwhiskerforge.com) is really wonderful!

lame © ejm July 2015

Keeping the blade at about a 45 degree angle and using only the tip of the blade and swift strokes, scoring is easy.

scoring © ejm July 2015

BBB Power Bread

July 2015

We were thrilled with the ears on this bread!

Power Bread (BBB July 2015)

Scoring (please see more photos of BBB Power Bread July 2015)

Power Bread (BBB July 2015)

to blog from OUR kitchen: lame scoring ~ more lame scoring ~ Score!! ~ The Power of Persuasion (BBB July 2015) <<- includes my take on BBB Power Bread


We found the perfect spot to store the lame handle - on the wall between the pizza peel and the abacus. (Sorry, no photo yet....)

Pizza stone © ejm July 2009

edit August 2017:
lame © ejm August 2017

Summer Dining in the garden

July 2015

Herbs from our garden, locally grown sugar snap peas from the farmers' market, NFFtT cherries (picked just a few days previously), with oven roasted potatoes, free-range grilled chicken, and Peninsula Ridge Shiraz (Ontario). Life doesn't get much better than this.

dinner © ejm July 2015

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