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Shortbread is simply divine. Yet it is made up of only flour, butter, sugar and salt. To get the best results, attention must be paid to the preparation.

Shortbread - December 2006

Make sure that the butter is nice and soft before starting. (We put the butter into the oven with only the light turned on and leave it overnight. Note that the sugar is NOT creamed into the butter first. All the ingredients are added at once. It's best to mix the cookie dough by hand just until it is crumbly. This makes for a fluffier cookie.

Shortbread - December 2007

Press the dough into a jellyroll pan. Pierce through it all over with a fork and bake until golden. Use a straight edge to cut the cookies into rectangles. Place the rectangles on their sides and bake again to crisp them up

Shortbread - December 2006Shortbread - December 2006
Shortbread - December 2006

The only thing wrong with these cookies is that they are too good. People have a tendency to eat them....

Shortbread - December 2007

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