Making Crêpes

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buckwheat crepes stuffed with creamed ham and spinach (25 Feb 2006)

Procedure: 1.) batter should be consistency of cream; 2.) melt butter on preheated (med-high heat) pan; 3.) pour batter on pan; 4.)tilt pan to spread batter evenly; 5.) pour off excess batter; 6.) cook on one side; 7.) flip and cook on other side; 8.) put cooked crepes in warm oven (The carbon steel tava is perfect for making chapatis, pita and tortillas.)

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Assembly: I.) warm up filling; II.) add spinach to filling; III.) grate Swiss cheese; IV.) arrange cooked crepes on plates; V.) scatter grated Swiss cheese; VI.) ladle filling over cheese just before folding over edges.


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