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Depending on whose formula is used, to replace 50gm fresh yeast, one should use anywhere from 8 to 32.5 gm active dry yeast. My sister put together this following handy conversion chart:

Conversion from fresh/compressed to active dry yeast

Measure the fresh/compressed yeast in:
Amount of fresh/compressed yeast in recipe (change the number surrounded by the dotted line):
Measure the dry yeast in:

Result: Use between & of active dry yeast.

Recommendation based on nothing scientific: Use the higher amount of active dry to replace fresh yeast if there's lots of sugar in the recipe, but the lower amount if there's little sugar in the recipe.

(active dry yeast: 8 grams = 2.5 teaspoons; 1 teaspoon = 5 ml)

Here's why this all came about: While I was searching for compressed yeast at the supermarket, I looked at the shelves to see Fleischmann's "active dry", "instant - bread machines", "instant - quick rise", and [get ready for this...] "instant - pizza crust yeast". What?!! As usual, I chose "active dry". (If I lived in the USA, "fresh compressed" would be an option. But for some unknown reason, Fleischmann's fresh yeast is not available in Canada.)


And why do I always choose Fleischmann's active dry yeast over the other kinds of dried yeast? Because that's what my mother always uses.

(please scroll up for "Yeast conversion (by weight) from fresh/compressed to dry" javascript )

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