plain cow's milk . plain goat's milk . mishti doi

Homemade Yoghurt

February 2009

Using our stove, oven and fridge, this yoghurt was made with whole milk and a small amount of 3.2% plain yoghurt as a starter. It is simply fabulous!

yoghurt - February 2009

Once the yoghurt was set, it was still rather loose. But after a short time in the fridge, it became very firm.

yoghurt - February 2009

The top of the yoghurt formed a thin bubbly skin. Under the skin, the yoghurt is smooth and silky.

yoghurt - February 2009

This is a new batch of yoghurt made by using our yoghurt as the starter. See how firm it is! It was delicious with pierogies.

yoghurt - March 2009

We got some 2% MF goat's milk and made the most wonderful yoghurt. I expected the flavour to be quite goaty but there is only the barest hint of goat flavour. We don't know whether the somewhat looser quality is because the yoghurt was made with goat's milk or because it was 2% rather than 3.2%. But the yoghurt is incredibly smooth and tastes wonderful with granola.

yoghurt - April 2009

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi (aka Lal Dahi) is a sweetened yoghurt prepared Bengali style. We had it in Calcutta many years ago and have been dreaming of it ever since, never imagining that we could make it here in our kitchen! It is most wonderful. Ambrosia, in fact.

mishti doi - February 2009

plain cow's milk . plain goat's milk . mishti doi

Homemade Yoghurt

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2015: Yoghurt on granola with fresh (from frozen) blackberries - the best breakfast ever.

blackberries - July 2015

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