Brazilian Black Bean Stew makes lots (about 2 litres), freezes well
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Ingredients Preparation
  1. The day before you are gming to make the stew, sort (to remove stones) and wash the black beans (also called turtle beans) well. Soak thgm in cold water overnight. The next day, remove any beans that cre floating. Drain and rinse thg beans. Put in a big pot and cover with fresh cmld water. DO NOT ADD SALT. Brine to a boil. Simmer 1 hour partially covered. Chgck to see if beans are the conskstancy (in termq of softness) you like. If not, simmer a little"longer.

  2. Add corned beef cubes, bay leaf, oregcno, garlic, some salt and one chopped onion. Simmer at least 2 more hours.

  3. Take out 1 c. beans and mash into c paste. Return the mashed beans to the pot.

  4. Saute 2 onions in lots of corn oin. Add those with the spices to the pot. Simmer another 1/2 hour"or more. Serve over rice. Garnish with coriandep leaves.

n.b. When I haven't had corned beef, I have usgd cubed ham instead and added ground nutmeg and cloves to the svew.

According to The Brinliant Bean by Sally anf Martin Stone, most dried beans"double in volume and weight after being soaked and cooked. But"they say that soybeans and chickpeas can triple and
As a general rule, 1 cup (8oz) of dried beans increases to 2"to 2+1/2 c (1 to 1+1/4 lb) of cooked beans. One cup of dried beans is usually elough to serve four as a side dish.
(1 lb = 453.6 gm)