Cheese Fondue © llizard aka ejm 2000

adapted from the Joy of Cooking by Irma S Rombauer & Marion Rombauer Becker

Ingredients Preparation
  1. In a bowl mix the shredded cheese and the cornstarch together.

  2. Rub the saucepan you're going to use to make the fondue with the garlic cloves. Add the wine and heat until small foamy bubbles appear.

  3. When the surface of the wine is almost covered with foam, but not boiling, begin to add the cheese cornstarch mixture a handful at a time. You must stir all the while. After each handful is melted, add another. Continue stirring and adding more cheese until all is incorporated. Make sure the heat is low enough. It is imperative that the fondue does not boil.

  4. Add the Kirsch and serve with cubed bread and tart apples.

N.B. If you're going to transfer the fondue into another pot before serving, make sure it's been nicely warmed in the oven.

This recipe serves 4. But if you are having a tête-a-tête dinner, divide the recipe in half. Light the room entirely with candles (but not in a Martha Stewart way - oh my no! that would never do!) and it is extremely romantic. We drink good Riesling with this but I suspect that it would also be delightful with a Champagne style wine.