Cranberry-Glazed Game Hen © llizard aka ejm 2000, 2002

Of course, this dressing can be put into the cavity of any bird. All measurements are approximate. You will want to play with them....

Ingredients Preparation
  1. Saute ham in oil until just done (3-4 minutes). Add onions and celery and saute til onions are soft. Add sage and savory and cook one more minute. Add dried cranberries and cornbread crumbs. (Yeast cornbread or quick cornbread work equally well.) Chill thoroughly.

  2. Clean and dry game hens well. Stuff birds with cold dressing.

  3. Cover hens thoroughly with cranberry conserve. (We used my Cranberry Sauce recipe.) Make sure there is some left over for basting.

  4. Roast birds at 350F (½ hour per lb.) Baste several times with extra cranberry sauce. When they're done, they are a brilliant mahogany colour.

Serve with sugarsnap peas, boiled potatoes and champagne style wine. Squash soup makes a very good appetizer for this dinner.

roughly adapted from a recipe in Barbecuing, Grilling and Smoking published by the California Culinary Academy 1988