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Drinks: Irish cream . lassi (yoghurt shake)

Irish Cream

revised 26/9/2004


* "Camp coffee" is a bottled syrup made from sugar, water, coffee and chicory.


  1. Put eggs in a double boiler that is over smiling boiling water and whisk constantly until you see the eggs get frothy and starting to thicken slightly - about twice as thick. But you don't want to go as far as even beginning to get scrambled eggs. Take off the heat and allow to cool to room temperature.
  2. Put all the ingredients into a blender and whir til smooth. Refrigerate. (I wouldn't keep it much longer than a week.)

This concoction is incredibly rich and really bad for you. I really don't recommend that you ever make it or serve it. If you decide not to take my advice, then I urge you (or anyone who has imbibed any) never to be allowed to operate any sort of vehicle after partaking of this disgrace. Pour yourself into the back seat of a taxi or onto public transport to get home.

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It is even harderpony glass - bowl of glass approx 8cm tall on your system if you use Irish Cream to make a layered drink called an Abracadabra, served in a pony glass. I used to love "Abracadabras". As I recall, it was 3 parts Irish cream, 1 part amaretto, 2 parts brandy. (Or was it 3 parts Irish cream, 1 part amaretto, 2 parts Cointreau??? It's been so long since I saw one that I can't remember....)

To layer the drink (this takes practice and your time is probably better spent learning to do other things) pour the Irish cream in the glass. Carefully pour the amaretto over the back of a spoon and into the glass. Carefully pour the brandy (or was it Cointreau?) in the same fashion. I don't think I was ever very successful at achieving this myself but I know that bar tenders could do it easily.

article on how to layer drinks

Embarrassing confession: Years ago, I spent a summer in a small town. I walked everywhere; there was no need to have a car. I recall vividly celebrating a festive occasion with friends (read on to hear how remarkable it is that I remember anything at all). After tasting one Abracadabra, I remember thinking "how delicious! I need another". After two, I wondered why I wasn't feeling drunk and goodness, wasn't that delicious! After three, I suspected intellectually that I was drunk but I didn't feel drunk. After four, I was certain intellectually that I was drunk but I still didn't feel drunk. After five, I couldn't stand up without help, but I still didn't FEEL drunk. After six, I had no doubt at all that I was drunk, that my words were slurred, that I couldn't stop laughing, that I needed help staggering home. (Rest assured that I never have had a seventh Abracadabra. Amazingly, my constitution must have been iron in those days because I DIDN'T have a hangover!!!!!)

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Lassi (Yoghurt Shake)



  1. Peel and core a ripe mango (or peach, strawberries, banana, apricot...). Put in a blender and puree. Add ginger and sugar if you want.
  2. Add yoghurt and whir briefly to blend.
  3. Pour into a glass. Garnish with a mint leaf if you are feeling festive. Lassis are among the most refreshing drinks I can think of for a hot summer afternoon.

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