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Humber River Trail, Toronto - 4 August 2010

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It has gotten disgustingly hot again here. And yesterday, Totton announced that we were going to go to the Humber River for a picnic breakfast because he wanted to show me something. "What?" I asked. "You'll see, it's something I saw on the news... it's really cool. If it's still there." So at 9:00, we got on our bikes and headed over in the bright sun towards Baby Point and got on the Humber trail at the same point we had accessed it that time when the spring ice was blocking the path.

And we started heading south to find a picnic table. There is STILL rubble and large branches by the side of the river from this year's run-off ! (Or is it last year's??) And all the barbecue pits are gone, as well as most of the picnic tables. But there are plenty of benches facing the river.

middle eastern food August 2010 We almost chose a bench in half-shade but went around one last corner hoping maybe just maybe to find a bench in full shade and there they were. Two forgotten picnic tables under the trees in the same spot we always have our picnics when we go to the Humber. The barbecue stand is gone but the tables are there. And we sat down under the shade, spread out the table cloth (okay, it wasn't a table cloth; it was a ratty old tea towel) and had the most amazing feast made from leftovers from dinner the night before (click on image to see larger view of the dinner): fuhl (pate made with kidney beans, caramelized garlic and olive oil), mjdarah (rice and lentils with caramelized onions), grilled eggplant, pita (we'd cooked them on the barbecue) and a big thermos of tea. We MEANT to bring left-over beet salad but forgot it in the fridge. It didn't matter. There was plenty and it was the perfect breakfast.

And so we sat under the trees, revelling whenever a light breeze riffled the leaves, listening to the birds calling, watching the river and people biking, running (who runs when it's 28C???), and walking with their dogs on the paths on either side of our little island.

Breakfast was delightful, but I wanted to see whatever it was I was supposed to see! So we packed up our things and continued south over the hump to where the ice jam had been.

Humber River - August 2010 No ice jam now. Just green grass and trees.

And the summer shallow river sparkling as it ran over the rocks. Not just any rocks, mind. A few days ago, someone had waded into the river and arranged them.

And so we joined the ten or twenty people on the bank who had come, just like we had come, to see these rocks. Some exclaimed and pointed. Some stood in awed silence. And pointed.

Tot got out the camera (we remembered to bring the camera!!) and started snapping pictures.

I couldn't get over how many of these little structures there were! How on earth did that one not fall over? And that one? And look at that one that looks just like a bird with its neck stretched out!! Oh wait. It IS a bird. A white heron fishing....

Humber River (looking south) August 2010Humber River August 2010Humber River August 2010
Humber River August 2010Humber River August 2010Humber River August 2010Humber River August 2010

This section of the Humber is never dull. From one extreme to the other.

It was with some reluctance that we left the relative coolness by the water and slogged up the hill towards home on baking fissured asphalt, stopping on the way to get lovely red/yellow plums and bright red plum tomatoes.

Isn't summer wonderful?

Humber River August 2010 - looking north (3 photos)

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