Winter Bicycling

Hey!! Who is that handsome couple?!

A ride in the Park: Pat & Teresa (AbbeyGraphics) In March 2008, we received email alerting us to this "Photo of the Day: A Ride in the Park (30 March 2008)" posted in Biking Toronto.

Hey!!! I recognize those people! Why, it's like looking in a mirror....

We have no idea who the photographer at "Patio3900" is. Whoever it is took the photo not in balmy March but weeks earlier, on 14 January. And I see by looking at Environment Canada archives, it was 2C. Clearly we are completely out of our minds.

Or are we? I think, judging from when and where the photo was taken, that we were on our way to "Pasquale Brothers" again to get more roccolo and parmesan cheeses. And to see what might be on the bottom shelf.

text © ejm 2008, 2010; (photo © Pat & Teresa (AbbeyGraphics))

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