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The following belong in my top 100 movies of all time (in alphabetical order by title) and I suspect there are some titles that I'm forgetting. As I think of more, I am forced to peruse those already chosen and with regret, shunt some off the edge. Incidentally, it is not a mistake that "The Godfather" is missing from this list. While I thought it was a very good movie, it just doesn't begin to make it into my top 100....

-------------------------10 -------------------------20 -------------------------30 -------------------------40 -------------------------50 -------------------------60 -------------------------70 -------------------------80 -------------------------90 -------------------------100

top 100 movies, so close to top 100 movies & top 10 scariest movies

After a lot of deliberation, the following were ousted from the original list to bring the number down to 100:

-------------------------10 -------------------------20 -------------------------30 -------------------------40 -------------------------50

top 100 movies, so close to top 100 movies & top 10 scariest movies

And the ten scariest movies (for me) of all time? Actually, I can't list ten. I can only list one:

I don't think I can go camping ever again....

Incidentally, I haven't seen "The Exorcist" OR "The Shining" because the posters for them were too scary... if I had managed to sit through them though, I suspect that they would be tying for first place in the scariest movie category.

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