Weekend Cookbook Challenge #7 – Lucky Number 7

Event announcement:
Weekend Cookbook Challenge #7 – Lucky Number 7

Sara and Alicat (‘Weekend Cookbook Challenge’) came up with a brilliant idea to encourage participants to explore their cookbooks.

They wrote:

Everyone has cookbooks that they have bought or received as gifts and never used. Well, we are here to help you change that!

Each challenge we ask you to crack open a cookbook you’ve never used before (or maybe haven’t used in a long time) and try something new.

Sara will be hosting the next WCC alone (due to Alicat’s time constraints). To outline WCC#7, Sara posted the following:

The next WCC […] theme is Lucky Number Seven.

Feel free to interpret that as you will. […] To give you some ideas though –

  • Something gambling related.
  • A “lucky” food from your or someone else’s culture.
  • A dish with seven ingredients.


Please post your submissions any day from now, up until August 4th [2006].

For complete details on how to participate, please go to:

  • Weekend Cookbook Challenge #7: Lucky Number Seven