about advertisements (or lack thereof) on this site


If you are thinking about asking to have your advertisements placed here, don’t be at all surprised when your request is met with profound silence.


Way back in the last century, my first webhost was a company named GeoCities. It was free. And for a while, it was brilliantly free. Then they started to attach Adbox/pop-up advertisements onto every page. Unless users chose to install something called “the GeoGuide”. I felt compelled to choose the lesser of the two evils and install the GeoGuide with its advertisements that appeared in a banner at the top of the page. But I had NO control over what ads were chosen. I looked on them as the cost of having GeoCities host the pages.

But the ads became more and more obtrusive. And in desperation, GeoCities sold their company to Yahoo! And the ads were even worse. So I moved everything to crosswinds.net, which was adamant that there would NEVER be any ads. no ads here And for an amazing length of time, they were able to provide unlimited free webspace. How brilliant was that? Without imposing any ads.

I like that.

So when even crosswinds, to cover costs, felt compelled to introduce quite unobtrusive ads, they still offered, for a small fee, the ability to have completely ad-free pages.

I like that. A lot.

Very occasionally, I might mention a company name or two in posts. But if I do, it’s not because of any solicitation.