the event calendar is broken… (resolved)

Yes, I know.

The event calendar is broken; I don’t know how long it has been broken but I’m trying to fix it.

edit: I have disabled the event calendar for now from being displayed on the sidebar. What a drag!! Sometimes I loathe coding changes. (Oh… excuse me, have I said that before? :lalala:)

2nd edit: I’ve left the broken event calendar on the sidebar of the events category page, just in case someone decides they want to try to fix it and needs to see exactly what I’m droning on about.


edit 25 October 2009: I tried to ask in the event calendar mailing list that has been suspiciously silent since September. When my request failed to arrive, I then tried to leave a comment on the event calendar website but registration is required to comment and there is no registration link. Here is the support question I tried to send:

I run two wordpresses on the same server. Both are at version 2.8.5. Both have EventCalendar3 installed. But the calendar is working fully on only one of the wordpresses.

I relatively recently upgraded the wordpress with the malfunctioning calendar from the legacy 2.0.11 to 2.8.4 (and was just a little annoyed to have to upgrade YET AGAIN so soon to 2.8.5 – but that’s another story.) With some difficulty, immediately after upgrading to 2.8.4, I managed to change the database character sets collation from latin1_swedish_ci to UTF-8.

On this most recently upgraded wordpress, the calendar appears to be broken; no post dates show at all. (On the other wordpress that has database tables character sets collation not yet changed to UTF-8, the event-calendar is working perfectly well.) I did disable plugins to see if there was conflict but it made no difference to the calendar. I also checked for coding errors using the validator at

I don’t know how long it has been broken but I’m relatively certain that it was working until a few days ago (well after the database character set change). For now, I have disabled the event calendar from being displayed on the main sidebar but have left the broken event calendar on the sidebar of the “events category” page for people to see exactly what I’m droning on about.

Upgrading to the beta version only threw errors.

I hope that the inactivity here in this forum doesn’t mean that this plugin is no longer supported. I would prefer not to change to a different plugin, if at all possible.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

-EMorris, wp 2.8.5, firefox 3.0.14, WinXP

I have purposely left the following URL unlinked in an attempt to keep spammers at bay: (event calendar category page with broken calendar on the sidebar)

edit 4 November 2009: Inexplicably, through doing nothing at all but wait, the event calendar is working again. Go figure. support email list down (trackback)

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1 response to “the event calendar is broken… (resolved)

  1. ejm testing

    test of new robot question in the comments section.

    Using IE (also fixed the sidebar calendar hover links in IE so they are now visible)

    Having connection problems – no idea if it’s our connection or wordpress. It’s at times VERY slow to load. :lalala:



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