5 things to eat at least once (meme)

foodblogger's guide to the globe (© traveler's lunchbox) Melissa (Traveler’s Lunchbox) has asked food bloggers to recommend five “things you’ve eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once”. I’ve seen this meme now on a number of blogs I read regularly.

As far as I know I haven’t been tagged for it. But I don’t care, I’m filling it out anyway. Here is my list:

5 things that everyone should eat at least once

  1. my mother’s roast turkey dressing (stuffing) …here’s why.
  2. Srikund …here’s why.
  3. Ripe figs …here’s why.
  4. foie gras …here’s why.
  5. my mother’s dark fruitcake …here’s why.

After filling out the list, which has not really been put in any particular order, I notice that two of the things I chose are my mother’s recipes. How lucky am I?!

list details

  • my mother’s roast turkey dressing (stuffing)

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the ONLY dressing to use for roasted stuffed birds served on festive occasions. But because it calls for oatmeal, people who have never tried it before turn their noses up and say that they don’t even want to see it, let alone try it. Trust me. It’s the best. And you won’t want to have it at least once. You’ll want to have it over and over.

    About ten years ago in a discussion about what we were making for Thanksgiving dinner, I had a friendly argument about the fact that our dressing was the best dressing in the world. My friend (who grew up in a completely different area of Canada than I did) kept insisting that his mother’s dressing recipe was the best dressing in the world. Here is how our conversation went:

    me: I’m sure your dressing is good but: does your mother’s recipe call for onions to be cooked first in butter?
    he: Yes.
    me: And then added to breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, sage and savoury and no other herbs and spices?
    he: Yes…
    me: And along with breadcrumbs, there is oatmeal as well?
    he: Yes!!
    me: You’re kidding!! Stop, we’re both right. We both make the best dressing in the world!

  • Srikund

    This is one of the most divine desserts I’ve ever had. I love the creamy saffron, cardamom combination… extremely rich tasting but not nearly as rich in calories as it tastes. Garnished with toasted slivered almonds makes it even more like food for the gods. Srikund recipe

  • Ripe figs

    Tree ripened figs to be exact – plucked from a wild fig tree growing by the side of a country road in Italy. I tasted my first real fig when walking in Tuscany in September 1994. The fresh figs’ amazing flavour was mixed with the heady aroma of the wild rosemary and dill we had bruised with our trodding feet as we snagged the lucious fruit. (Read more: walking between Florence and VolPaia)

  • foie gras

    …need I say more?

  • my mother’s dark fruitcake

    There’s nothing more wonderful than thin slices of aged cheddar with thin slices of my mother’s dark fruitcake with a glass of eau-de-vie (either grappa or poire or marc). Yes, that’s what I said. The same fruitcake that is so maligned at Christmas. The same fruitcake that I maligned for so many years before I knew better. (Silly me.)

    Actually, it isn’t the same fruitcake at all. My mother’s dark fruitcake is unbelievably good (and I don’t usually even like fruitcake!) The combination of the aged cheese – aged gruyere or a really good parmiggiana works as well – with the fruitcake is truly ambrosial. Adding small sips of eau-de-vie to the taste is almost, but not quite, gilding the lily.

As for who I am going to tag, I am completely incapable of tagging people to do memes. So, if you would like to fill it out, consider yourself tagged. Here is an excerpt of the guidelines:

Calling All Bloggers: Things to Eat Before You Die? I’m restricting contributions to five items per blogger, which is hard, I know!
To get you started, here are some food-for-thought questions. What are some of your most treasured food memories? Where have you had a dish or a meal beyond compare? Where have you traveled and been bowled over by the cuisine? What foods could you absolutely not live without?

Read more for more details on how to participate in this meme:

edit @ 12:34 EDT:

I just read Melissa’s list and see that she too chose tree ripened fig! Cool.

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7 responses to “5 things to eat at least once (meme)

  1. a younger sister

    Excellent list!

    I have always liked Mom’s fruitcake and liked it even more when I tried it with cheese. Mom was visiting me last week and we made the Christmas cake. It’s aging on my counter as I type, calling me. I’m being strong and not answering.

    When we were first married and at our first Thanksgiving, made The Dressing, my husband, who likes anything, looked at the dressing in askance. I said, “trust me” and now he won’t let me make any other kind of dressing (like I would…snort).

    I think I NEED to make srikund. Perhaps this weekend for a party. How much yogurt would I have to use to serve 8 people?

  2. ejm Post author

    I’m glad you think so, Ivonne. :whoohoo:

    To my younger sister: I’m REALLY jealous! Did you use the baby bathtub to mix the batter?

    We have the same situation here with the dressing. No other dressing will do, as far as we’re concerned. We have made others but NEVER for a festive occasion. It has to be Mom’s dressing.

    Yes, you do NEED to make srikund. Probably a litre of yoghurt would be enough. To be safe though, why not get a litre and a half? Make sure it’s highfat. If there is any left-over, it’s really good the next day. Serve the srikund in smallish dishes.

  3. Jeanne

    What a great list! I think it’s so wonderful that your mom’s stuff made it onto the list TWICE. I always hated fruitcake (still do…), but I have always loved a sweet/salty combination. You’re talking to the girl who use to make sandwiches with one side spread with apricot jam, the other with Marmite, and a slice of cheese in the middle!! So I imagine sweet fruitcake with some aged cheese would work well. Glad to see foie gras made yuor list too – I think it featured on quite a lot of lists – I think mainly because it’s one of those things that you think “should I or shouldn’t I, how great can it really be” and then you taste it and you are blown away. I got my brother to have some for the first time when he visited me earlier this year and he is now also hooked… I’d never heard of sirkund but it sounds amazing.

  4. ejm Post author

    I wasn’t at all a fan of fruitcake until quite recently, Jeanne. I urge you to give it another try with a really good aged cheese. The key, for me anyway, is to slice the fruitcake quite thinly.

    And as for foiegras, I didn’t even think “should I or shouldn’t I?” The first time I tried it, we were on a bicycle tour of France and I reckoned that all the peddling would cancel out any of the evils to me. As for the birds, I’m afraid that we were quite calous about them being made to be too fat. And we saw many very happy looking geese in farmyards as we rode through the countryside. (It might be naive of me, but if we like eating food that has too much fat, who’s to say that geese don’t like to do the same?)

    And as for your sandwich, hmmm, I can’t quite see the attraction to marmite, but I do think that apricot jam and cheese would be an excellent combination.

  5. Paz

    LOL! I DID tag you. I tagged anyone who wanted to participate. ;-) But it’s good you didn’t wait to knowingly be tagged. It’s good you went right ahead and posted your list! I’d love to taste everything on your list! I’ve never heard of Srikund before. Hmmm…



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