Bitter Sweet (J’adore pickled beets)

summary: pickled beets; a new dessert; magnetic poetry for 1 April; brushing up my French; RePoWriMo; today’s poem; (click on image for larger view)

pickled beets Last night as I was eating delicious macaroni and cheese with pickled beets – from some beets I pickled last September using Katie’s (Thyme for Cooking) recipe as a guideline, I started thinking that some people would think mixing pickled beets with macaroni and cheese is strange. (I assure you that it’s a delicious combination.)

And it reminded me of an article about Stephanie Izard’s Chicago restaurant, ‘Girl & the Goat’ that we were recently reading in SAVEUR magazine.

I’m afraid we wrinkled our noses at a few of the things described.

Shiitake gelato with chocolate cake? Cauliflower with pickled peppers and mint? How does that happen?

– Dana Bowen, ‘Restaurant Review: Girl & the Goat, Architect of Flavor’, SAVEUR Magazine #136 March 2011

Our questions indeed. How DOES that happen? And how does Izard survive serving things like that?

But Bowen goes on to rave about the food, Izard and the restaurant. And we got to thinking. Maybe we are being too staid in our choices.

Yes. Mundane even.

So, we decided to branch out with dessert by serving pickled beets on icecream. Sorry no photo*), but the amazing combination (and the fact that we’re running out of pickled beets) inspired the following – I used our magnetic poetry tiles:

bitter sweet
the garden
need s rain
whisper s summer

magnetic poetry RePoWriMo
Refrigerator Poetry Writing Month, every April.

It’s April!! And time for magnetic poetry! J’adore magnetic poetry autant que les betteraves marinés!

Rhino Writer (RePoWriMo) wrote the following:

spring is sprung
… and, after a period of hibernation not unlike winter, so is this blog.

I’m back! Refrigerator poetry for all! Come April 1st -- dust off those magnets and clear off your fridge for another month of creating a poem a day.

My favourite kind of magnetic poetry is contrived magnetic poetry. We used to choose ten twenty tiles randomly and then everyone would create poems from the same words. We’d hide our final poems until all had created their poem(s). Our only rules were that all tiles had to be used AND that each tile could only be used once.

Friends gave us the French version of Magnetic Poetry. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I am just barely able to blunder my way around in one of Canada’s official languages. Unless it’s how to order dinner. I’m good at that….

But using the French tiles might be just the thing to help expand my vocabulary.

Want to play? Voici vos tuiles en ordre alphabétique:

[adore] [c’est] [doit] [femme]
[grimace] [il] [jeu] [la]
[moment] [nage] [parfois] [pâle]
[peut] [plus] [sommeil] [sonore]
[tête] [tourbillon] [trouble] [velours]

For more information about RePoWriMo please read the following:


* You did take note of the date? If not, please place cursor between the arrows.

Okay I know this is lame, but… ha ha… April fool!


Now excuse me while I look around on the Google homepage to see what they had up their sleeves today….

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6 responses to “Bitter Sweet (J’adore pickled beets)

  1. I was almost fooled....

    well, my name says it all. CAM

    Heehehehhhheeeeeeeeee. :-) Glad I almost got you, C. I was really thrilled to hear T’s wail “Noooo!!! I don’t WANT to do French magnetic poetry!”. I think it’s the first time that I’ve ever actually fooled someone for longer than a few seconds. -ejm

  2. Rhino Writer

    Mmm, pickled beets. I have a French set, too, but am not good enough in French to actually say anything with them!

    Neither am I, RW. In fact, I’m so rotten at the French version that I won’t let anyone remove the few French poems I managed to put together on the fridge when we first got the box. -ejm

  3. your sister barbara

    You got me! A few days late, but should have been was alert to April 1 shenanigans. Even after I got an email from T about magnetic poetry in your blog, I got got!

    [la] [la] [la]

    [parfois] [la] [tourbillon] [trouble] [la] [tête]

    [plus] [sommeil]

    Wheeeheeheeeeeheee!!! Really?! Even with all that warning, Barbara? :-) :whoohoo: -Elizabeth

  4. ejm Post author

    Je suis tellement impressionné que tu as vraiment composé un poème en français, Barbara! (même si tu as utilisé deux trop de [la] s) Maintenant, je suppose que je dois composer un poème ainsi…


    [il] [nage] [parfois]
    [la] [femme] [grimace]
    [c’est] [plus] [trouble]

    [adore] [doit] [sommeil]


    [tête] [pâle]
    [velours] [peut] [sonore]


    Ha! Voila!! C’est facile comme une tarte!! – Elizabeth

  5. your sister barbara

    Les “la”s ne faisaient pas partie de mon poème. Elle’s étaient mes attempts de nonchalance.

    Deine Gedichte sind ausgezeichnet! 彼らはきれいでした

    नहीं नहीं, तुम भी तरह हैं! Aha!! Quand tu utilize “la”s pour nonchalance, il faut les surrounder avec <i></i>. Mais il y a encore un extra “la” dans ton poeme, Barbara. -Elizabeth


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